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We Think This Is A Good One!

Everyone wants your data. We secure your privacy.

If you work for a big company, you have probably been contacted by companies hungry to help you with the swarms of verifications you receive. You need help. Filling out and returning 1-page papers for your employees shouldn’t be so tedious. And so, you give them your data and say, “have at it”. After all, it’s not costing you much—or is it?

Searching for an efficient solution to responding to verifications is a good thing. But be careful to whom you entrust the juicy details of your employee information. Not all vendors are created equal. Every other vendor requires you to turn over most of your employee data to them. And, when you do that, you’re upping the risk that sensitive information can be utilized outside of verification purposes—not to mention, once that data leaves your walls, you lose control of it.

That’s one of the reasons we invented Verifent. We wanted to give companies a more secure (and private) way of responding to verifications. Verifent helps you to respond to verifications, all the while keeping your data behind your firewalls. At Verifent, we take privacy and security seriously. And we’re banking on the fact that you want that too.

Unlike other vendors, we don’t collect your employee data only to repackage it and sell it. That’s not our model. Our competitors want your data. We want your privacy.


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