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Income & Employment Verifications

Commercial, Government, and School System Solutions

Verification Solutions

Data Privacy

Everyone Wants Your Data.  We Secure Your Privacy.

Our services offer unbeatable protection for your information. Verifent’s unique data approach,
not only solves a challenging business problem, but gives you control over your organization’s
data, offering assurance that your sensitive information is secure. At Verifent we know, when all
is said and done, it is your data.

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Safe & Accurate Solutions

You control your data.  Period.

Easy Implementation

Our hassle-free approach requires no IT effort. In 30 minutes, you can be using Verifent’s solutions.

Easy to Use

Verifent’s intuitive user interface requires little to no training.

How Do Verifications Work?

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1. Direct Verifiers to request verifications through the Verifent platform.

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2. Submit requests to Employers through Verifent.

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3. Respond automatically (or streamlined) to the verification requests from Verifiers with peace of mind that the Verifiers have a valid Permissible Purpose as defined by the FCRA.

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Solving Problems | Respecting Data

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