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Are You Ready to Enable a Remote Workforce…Again?

Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is the only thing that is certain as we head into the fall with the continued threat of the COVID-19 virus. Even though the CDC and others continue to forecast what they think may happen, there is a great deal of uncertainty surrounding what will happen as we wait for a vaccine. While there is the possibility that the virus could tucker out, there is also the possibility that it could pick up the pace and become more dangerous.

Preparation: The One Thing You Can Control

While we cannot control the uncertain, we can control how prepared we are. When the virus hit, many companies, and especially school districts, quickly realized just how unprepared they were. They scrambled just to keep students educated and teachers happy. What if school districts need to move back again to all remote learning and administration? Are you prepared?

One way that you can be better prepared is by using more cloud-based solutions. Cloud-based solutions offer the ultimate flexibility. However, not all cloud-based solutions are created equal. They are especially not equal in terms of efficiency, security, and cost. That’s why you need to carefully consider the options.

Here at Verifent, we have a cloud-based, secure, and cost-free solution for verifications that school districts all across the country are enjoying. Rather than chasing papers to keep up with financial verifications, Verifent enables businesses to use a secure, online portal. Using the portal for verifications is easy and requires no IT effort or support. It is also secure and removes the need to worry about actors trying to gain access to employee data through the verification process. In addition, we recently created a solution for the troublesome teacher verifications that school districts are plagued with during the hiring season: Teacher Experience Verification (TEV).

Nationwide, Verifent has helped to make the workday of businesses and schools easier. No longer do they need to waste time chasing verifications. And, the next time something unexpected comes their way, they will be ready and prepared to move remotely in a drop of a hat.

Are you prepared for the uncertainty that the rest of 2020 could bring? Verifent can help—and for no cost to you or your business. Contact us today.


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