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Premium Plus

Relax and Let Verifent Complete For You

Let Verifent be Your Advocate and Benefit from All of the Following:

- No Paper
- Faster Response Times
- All Forms in One Place
- Status Tracking Visibility & Transparency
- Verifent Support Always Available to Assist
- Stress Free
- Archived Forms Available for Future Access



Cost: $15 / First Five Former District Requests

Process Electronically

Submit Requests Electronically and let Verifent carry the process


Print and Process Your Own Forms

You Assume Responsibility for Printing, Tracking, Chasing Down, and Ensuring Forms are Delivered to Your Hiring District

- No Access To Verifent Customer Support

- Paper-Based
- Time Consuming
- No Tracking Visibility or Transparency
- No Advocacy from Verifent
- Slower Turnaround Times

Cost: No Cost

Print Forms
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