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Welcome to Verifent, the hassle-free and secure solution for fulfilling verification requests! You may be here because an employer that you need information from has directed you here. If you haven’t used us before, registration is easy and painless. And, once you submit your request, you should receive a timely response (much faster than the old way of doing of things).

We pride ourselves on data security, accuracy and service. That means we work in the background, making sure that the information you are dealing with stays secure, and we aim to ensure our reports include the accurate data you need. If you need a hand at any time, we want to be sure you have it. You can reach a representative instantaneously via chat or send us a message at We are here not only to simplify and make verifications more compliant for employers, but also for you, the verifier. We believe business should be more about the people we serve than anything else.

Using Verifent “has freed up our days to focus on other tasks and verifiers

appreciate not having to wait upwards of a week to receive their requested data.”

Chris | School HR Manager | Florida Virtual Schools

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