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Making HR for School Districts a Breeze

Human Resource departments of school districts are under a lot of demands. Not only are they busy with normal hiring and payroll needs, but they are finding themselves needing to respond to verifications most every day—verifications from financial institutions and, during the hiring season, teacher experience verifications from other school districts. If you’re in the HR department of a school district, you feel the pain. With the stress of it all, you’re likely tempted to put responding to verifications at the bottom of your list. But you know that the teachers you serve need it as their loans, salary and livelihood depend on it.

A few years ago, Verifent, created a cloud-based, safe, and totally free solution for school districts to make responding to employment and income verifications more direct and secure. Many school districts across the country jumped on board. And, these clients have enjoyed it so much that they have asked us to create a solution specifically addressing teacher experience verifications. Like standard employment and income verifications, teacher experience verifications can be quite a paper chase. And, they happen a lot—especially when hiring is in full swing. In addition, these verifications contain sensitive data that requires secure handling.

So, we listened. We added a new kind of verification that can be processed through the Verifent portal: Teacher Experience Verifications (TEV). TEV makes transferring teacher experience from one school district to another a piece of cake. Requests are made and received through the Verifent portal, keeping your requests accessible anywhere and available only through the secure environment of Verifent. We are happy to say that TEV is now a part of the Verifent solution for public schools in Texas and Louisiana. And, soon it will be available to schools in all states across America.

Are you ready to reduce the stress and costs associated with the paper chase of the hiring seasons? Verifent’s TEV solution is easy to use, can be set up in less than 20 minutes, and has no impact on your budget. Ready to get on board? Drop us a line today. We are here for you.


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