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The Fax Machine and The Modern Office

The modern fax machine, as we know it, has been in use in businesses since the 1960s. While it may seem out of place in a growing office of lightning speed computer technologies, many sects, especially the finance and healthcare industries, continue to use the fax machine daily. And, because these transactions contain sensitive data that cannot be left unattended, employees spend a good part of their day sending and waiting for faxes.

Typically, employees walk over to the fax machine, dial a number and wait for it to go through. If it takes right away, they will only be there for a few minutes. If they’re unlucky enough to need to redial, they could be hovering over the fax machine for much longer. That’s not to mention walking over to the fax machine multiple times a day looking for that especially important fax from a client or vendor to arrive. Add to this, the growing need for businesses to have the flexibility to enable employees to work virtually, and the fax machine just seems like more of a hassle than a benefit.

Why then are so many businesses hanging on to using the fax machine? It usually has to do with familiarity and safety. Despite how clunky and inefficient using an office fax machine can be sometimes, it’s the way many businesses have been doing it for years. And, they trust it’s safety. Besides, the information that it transmits is still exponentially safer than transmitting it via most email clients.

A Better Way Forward

But in today’s technology age, isn’t there another solution? A solution that can enable businesses to transmit sensitive information online from anywhere without the need to worry about the safety of the information? We’re happy to say that there is a solution, at least for the financial sector. It’s a solution that we’ve been working on for some time and one of which we’re very proud. The name of our software solution in Verifent. Verifent is a cloud-based and secure way for finance companies and the people with whom they work to transmit verifications. If you’re ready to ditch the fax machine or at least start exploring a more efficient solution for the ever-evolving virtual workplace, we would love to chat.


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