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SNAP Gets an Efficiency Boost in the Form of Electronic Income Verifications

The USDA has now empowered SNAP with new flexibilities on how States can administer the program by giving them the ability to use modern technology, like Verifent. They issued guidance that centered around two areas of the program:

  • Allow states to use modern tools to verify applicants’ identities

  • Clarify how states can utilize income verification information documents to verify income through third-parties

As part of approving applicants for SNAP benefits, states are required to verify the applicant’s wage or income information. This impacts the level of benefits the applicant can receive under the program. Allowing state agencies to utilize electronic verification services like Verifent will make the whole process more efficient, reliable, and quicker for all involved, thus providing better service to applicants in need of assistance.

“Electronic data sources provide more efficient and effective eligibility determinations as we help people live better lives. Being able to verify income electronically is more customer-focused and supports program integrity. This tool has helped Nebraska meet or exceed SNAP timeliness and accuracy standards of 95% or better for the last 42 months,” said Dannette R. Smith, CEO, Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.


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