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Made Easy

Stop chasing down all your information! In Three Simple Steps we can help you obtain your Experience Verifications and return them to your Hiring District!
State Specific Forms:
Service Records
Sick Leave Transfer
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1.  Enter Your Hiring District
Identify your Hiring District (Or, you can have the completed forms sent only to you.)
2.  Enter ALL Your Former District(s)
In one click of a button, you can send your requests to an infinite number of School Districts you used to work for
3. Submit Your Request
You will be sent email notifications on the status of your requests and their completion…and you’ll have access to them forever in one place
What is                              ?
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Job transitions are stressful. We get it. It’s more complicated when you are asked to provide completed Experience Verification forms from all of your Former School Districts. Let EXP Verify be your advocate as you transition between School Districts to ensure you get the credit you deserve for your years of experience.
  • All archived forms available for future access as you advance your career

  • 70% Faster response times than paper requests

  • State specific forms

  • Award-winning Support – Chat, Phone, or Email…we got you covered

  • Status tracking visibility & transparency – Never wonder if your Hiring District received completed forms from your Former District(s)

  • School District Agnostic – We service ALL School Districts in the U.S.A.

Who uses                              ?
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Certified and Classified Employees of School Districts
…also, known as Instructional or Non-Instructional Employees in some States.
Happy Friends
  • Request your experience verifications from all former school districts

  • Transparency in process

  • Store all forms for future access

  • Faster Response Times

  • Status Tracking Visibility

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  • Forms Serviced:

    • Certified

    • Classified

    • Service Records​

    • Instructional

    • Non-Instructional

    • Evaluation

    • Sick Leave Transfer

    • Misconduct

    • And More!

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