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Welcome to Verifent, the hassle-free and secure solution for fulfilling verification requests! Verifent was created to help busy Human Resource, Payroll, and management professionals like you. Using Verifent not only cuts down on the time needed to respond to verifications but makes responding to them more compliant and secure.

Now we are not the only verification solution provider out there. What makes us unique, though, is the way we handle your data. While using Verifent, sensitive employee data remains behind your firewalls and only absolutely essential information is released for verification requests. This helps you to stay in control of your data—the way it should be. Your data is your data. That’s the Verifent guarantee. We treat your data with the highest integrity and will never collect or monetize your employees’ information.


Using Verifent to respond to verifications is cost-free, easy to use, and the most secure verification platform on the market today. Ready to try Verifent?

Image by Luke Chesser

“We chose Verifent over other companies because Verifent does not store our data or use it in any other way.”

Robin | HR Manager | Aldine ISD

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