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Welcome to Verifent! Verifent is an online verification service that replaces cumbersome and risky data verification practices with hassle-free and secure ones.  We keep the sensitive information in your employee file safe by only allowing the data that is absolutely needed to leave your employer’s walls. And, when it does leave, it leaves in the most secure method that is out there.

Has your employer asked you to tell your lender to use Verifent to verify your income?  If so, that’s a good thing. You can rest assured that your lender will get what they need—and fast. And your information will stay secure.

If you would like to view your verifications, you can do so easily and quickly.

Image by Luke Chesser

“We chose Verifent over other companies because Verifent does not store our data or use it in any other way.”

Robin | HR Manager | Aldine ISD

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